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lundi 30 novembre 2020

Serge Ivanovitch Kalmykov : « Imaginez qu’on nous regarde du fin fond de l’Univers… »

"Cercle" : Serge Ivanovitch Kalmykov (1891-1967) était fasciné par la théosophie…

« Imaginez qu’on nous regarde du fin fond de l’Univers. Que verrait-on ? Une masse rampante, morne et grise. Mais, soudain, comme un coup de feu, éclaterait une tache de lumière. Et ce serait moi ! »   [Serge Ivanovitch Kalmykov,  Samarkand 1891-Alma-Ata 1967]
Iouri Dombrovski : La Faculté de l’Inutile, p. 40

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  1. About Kalmykov


    His teachers were Bakst and Anisfeld, Petrov-Vodkin and Huon, the first masters of the era silver century. They instilled in him a taste and interest to the most "advanced" philosophical ideas of the time - the ideas of theosophy and Russian cosmism about one that exists and the spiritual evolution of man. Revolution gave a new impetus to all these searches.

    Kalmykov comes to artistic society UNOVIS (affirmative new art), based Malevich. But if Malevich believed that his "Black Square", he put a point in the history of world art, then Kalmykova from the point of it all began. Of course, the artist was familiar with the advanced scientific ideas of the time, particularly with the hypothesis of a Soviet mathematician Friedman that at the very beginning all the matter in the universe was concentrated in a compact area, from which they began their dispersion, and early in its development is explosive process - Large vzryv.Mozhno assume it is big bang theory, when the universe was born of a point and inspired Kalmykov in his creative experience as the basis of its representational system, it determines the point. Thus, Kalmykov in his Philosophical Investigations is not inferior to the depth of the concepts of Kandinsky, Filonov, Malevich, Matyushina.

  2. About Kalmykov (suite)


    Expressive system Kalmykova formed by the end of 1920. In the artist's work can be two directions. First - conditionally story pictures, which discern the outlines of fantastic landscapes, or any event, such as the Babylonian penalty or flying through the starry abyss girl. Another important part of his artistic legacy consists of works that can be called abstract. But he Sergey Kalmykov not share his painting for the periods and directions. He called her mathematical and physical and metaphysical.

    The most mature and intersnye work created them in the period from 2 nd half of the 30's to early 60's. This period of creativity and belongs to the proposed composite "Circle." To understand this work to remember the passion Kalmykov theosophy. Geometric shapes - circle, triangle, cross bear mute print the unity of all world religiy.Teosofy in their thinking about God coming back to the ancient concept of the Creator as the architect of the world, and the geometric structure based on the work of Kalmykov points in this meta-law. You may also recall that the "Circle" in theosophy is called the evolutionary wave of life emanating from the Source of Being. The main visual element as he became the line - the point in the movement. In Kalmykova line feel the beating of life: emotional, pulsing, often has a jagged appearance (he tried to give it the character of nerve shifts). Colored lines in the movie "Circle" reinforce the color scheme, make it clearer and louder. In general, the image of the circle often occurs in Kalmykov as in his painting, and in its records… He wrote: "The point - the zero state of the infinite number of rounds." This expression is consonant with the ideas of medieval theologians' God is intelligible sphere center way everywhere, but circumference nowhere. " His creative insight is sometimes found unexpected confirmation from experts in other fields. For example, an art Valentine Stanislavovna Buchinskaya, the largest specialist in creativity Kalmykov, which explores his more than 40 years, says that a neurosurgeon in private conversation told her that I saw on one of his works Kalmykova foundations of neurosurgery. It turns out that the artist accurately portrayed the ripple nerve endings of the brain during sleep. But look for the ideas of the artist's only natural-scientific explanation, it would be wrong, it is rather spiritual and visionary search That is, on the one hand in the present paper we find an ancient symbol, full of cosmic energy, and on the other hand, this is nothing but a fixation of the pulsating rhythms of the subconscious of the artist. It turns out a kind of "inner space". Thus, we have a great job not only with the written skills, but also full of philosophical meaning.

    Why Kalmykov still undervalued? There are several reasons. Kalmykov not lucky twice: in the USSR did not notice, did not recognize, because it does not fit into the context of official art, though, was able to create. Another reason - physical. After the disintegration of the Union proved that most of Kalmykova work was not available to the market, because it is stored in the Almaty Museum im.Kasteeva, that is, outside Russia.